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We have Puppies

Tj’s Farms Amos Moses, Jr. Hunter and Tj’s Farms Tabitha have Created Beautiful Offspring!

These boys were born July 31, 2022 and will be available Mid- September

We are a family of 3 golden retrievers at this time. TJsFarms Amos Moses  (5), TJsFarms Marie Leveaux (1.5), and Tj’s Farms Tabitha (8).   

“Levi “as we affectionally call her, is the granddaughter of the Number 1 Ranked Golden Retriever of all Time, from Topbrass Golden Retrievers.  TjsFarms Amos Moses and Levi are turning out to be great team.   Levi is entering her first duck season, and will resume trials in the spring of 2023 in the hopes of acquiring her senior title with Amos.

Amos has flown thru his Jr Hunt Titles, and is preparing for his Sr Titles now. He has 4 duck successful duck seasons and continues to thrive and advance.

Tabitha is lovingly referred to as “Tabby”. She has lived a luxury life on the farm and in the house. Tabby loves water and loves to swim. She is an expert huntress for lizards, rats and snakes.

We Do Not Have Goats At This Time